One of the most important lessons we’ve been trying to instill in our FIRST Robotics kids this summer is the idea that you should be putting most of your time and energy into the things that are important to you. If something you don’t care about is sucking up all of your energy, or you feel like the things you’re spending all your time on aren’t all that important or impactful or in line with your strengths and interests, you’re gonna have a bad time, and both you and the team (or business or whatever) will suffer for it.

So, to that end, I’m taking my own advice and fully embracing my multipotentialite-y-ness and, as of the end of this month, quitting my job and entering the world of highly paid multidisciplinary polyworking experts for hire…​ or struggling freelancers, depending on how it goes.


Sledgehammer Infosystems I’m taking everything I’ve learned about software, information systems, organizational communication, e-commerce, operations management, event planning, and good old fashioned bureaucracy and applying that knowledge to help small businesses, non-profits, and other community-oriented organizations overcome their organizational & communication-related hurdles.


Forgecraft Coaching My goal here is to take all the stuff I do with my robotics kids - tech skill training, talking through college & career choices, encouraging community impact, and generally providing sage life advice - and bringing that to more people on a more direct, intentional, individual manner. I’m also looking forward to taking this to a broader geographic area & making an impact on some kids in rural communities that usually don’t get much of this kind of support.


Copper Iris Creative And, last but not least, I’m working on more photography & other creative stuff!

And that’s just the beginning! There are several more half-baked business/non-profit ideas rolling around in my head. Grad school is totally on the table as well. And obviously I’ll be continuing to support FIRST Indiana Robotics & my local teams & events.

Change is hard. Change is scary. But sometimes, change is desperately needed - and I’m definitely looking forward to having more time to explore my passions and putting more of my time & energy into doing impactful, meaningful work.